ECE595 : Architecture & Computing Trends (offered every Spring)

The course covers architecture and computing trends in parallel and distributed computing with an emphasis on the efficient use of this technology to address the current challenges in processing large data sets. The course consists of three main topics, namely, 1) parallel and distributed architectures and infrastructures, 2) parallel and distributed programming languages and frameworks, and 3) basic parallel algorithms for data analytics.

ECE570 : Artificial Intelligence (offered every Fall)

The course covers the application of Artificial Intelligence techniques and algorithms for problem solving. Students will learn to apply different machine learning approaches to solve real life problems related to searching, parsing, identification, prediction, clustering, feature selection, etc… The concepts of reasoning an inference will be discussed and used as an approach to reason about difficult problems and derive suitable algorithms for these problems. Students are expected to discuss, critique and extend current AI research papers as well as implement the algorithms discussed in class using their programming language of choice.

ECE495 : Modern Software Architectures (offered every Fall)

The course covers software architectures and applications for centralized server/client, peer-to-peer and hybrid models. The course consists of three main topics, namely, 1) service oriented architectures 2) web services and micro-services and 3) distributed applications. Students enrolled in the course will develop a distributed applications that consists of REST Servers and clients using GoLang